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Carrier Packing Tips

Packing your bag probably one of the most confusing activities for beginner. Unlike those hike regularly, most of beginners probably just insert everything randomly into the bag only later find out the thing he needs are laid deep inside the bag. So how exactly to pack your bag? As I’ve hiked several times, and each time I’ve done packing my bags, I think I can share several tips from my experience to you.

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Petite France: Little French in South Korea

Petite France, have you ever heard such name? This is a village consists of a 16 French style houses, and is located in the Gaypeong, Gyeonggi Province. Usually after visiting Nami Island, people would be visit there. And I was one of these people ^^ This place also has its own uniqueness. You can reach here with bus less than 30 minutes.

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