Pink Hair, and Blue Skies...

Last weekend I visited the Guadalupe Chacoan Ruin Outlier, in the west-north-west region of New Mexico.  Went out to take quite a few photos for the Share The Experience contest. If you want to see those photos, check them out HERE (<--Linky)!

It's a pretty awesome ruin, sitting high atop a mesa in the Chamisa Wilderness.

The views are amazing:


Look at that view... Oh...Yep, that's me.  A little chubbier from a hectic year of traveling and adjusting to life in the Southwest, but it's still me.

Not all hikers are granola and "salt of the earth" folks.  I take quite a few people by surprise on the trails, (no doubt), with a stunning flash of pink hair and two very adorable, very grumpy dogs, but none-the-less, I've hiked more than most of my friends (computer nerds) and most of my family.  More on that as this blog evolves... 

for now...I'll just rock this pink-magenta side cut on the side of a mountain....pardon me, a mesa!

If you'd like to learn more about the Guadalupe Chacoan Outlier, look at this pretty picture, or go HERE:

This Blog Entry has been inspired by "Pink Saturday" from the "How Sweet the Sound" blog!


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