Things You need while hiking that nobody talks about....

I'm not this lady:

Emma Gatewood, AT thru-hiker. (Credit to Wiki User Stratness)
But I think every woman out there aspires to her greatness. Grandma Gatewood was an experienced thru-hiker and pioneer of packing it light. She made due with the limitations of both technology, and hiking gear that was available to women of her time. But there's some things I just can't/won't/am mortified to do. And we're gonna talk about that.
So, for just plain etiquette or politeness reasons, there's quite a few travel necessities that women need while hiking, or even while on the road that nobody seems to talk about.

I guess it's the prudish nature of Americans, we'll watch sexy music videos and trashy politicians, but we don't dare talk about poop, potty or insect bite rashes!

I think I should do a weekly segment on things you need in your pack that nobody really mentions.

This first one is one I need, and I think it's one of the most important things, EVER.

I have a tiny bladder. Actually, that's not true. According to an X-ray I had when I was twelve, I have a huge bladder, but I have to pee. A lot. And when I'm carrying a few extra winter pounds (like most middle-aged ladies) I have to pee often. While hiking is helping me deal with a pre-diabetic state, I still have to pee when I'm hiking. That's why I have a Go Girl.  

A few of you are like "Why not just lean against a tree?"....

I'll be graphic here. Please exchange the word "snowflake" with the word you would use to describe lady parts.

Every "snowflake" is different. Some "snowflakes" are different shapes, some "snowflakes" are different angles, and some "snowflakes", no matter how you sit/position/move around, the "snowflake" pees all over it's pants.

I stopped getting called "pee pants" in the first grade (don't judge me, weirdo). I have no plans to earn that nickname again until I'm in my 90's thank you.

So I got a Go Girl a few months ago. I purchased the Go Girl starter kit, and separately bought the extension tube, but you can find the full thing below:

I got a Go Girl. Actually, I got a Go Girl, and I got another Female Urination Device, but the Go Girl "won". Why?

-The shape at the top. The shape is like a pinched oval, and I've found that after a bit of trial and error, it works better for this "snowflake".

-The cleaning process for this one is way easier than the other one I tried. The other one I washed with Isopropyl alcohol and it literally disintegrated.

-Storage. Granted, I'm on the fence about this part, but the Go Girl does fold/roll up. While it takes up a bit more space than I like (because I also have the extension), I'm not lugging around a 5 gal. bucket through the woods.

Why do I want YOU to go get one?

-So you can pee outdoors, silly!  It's hygienic, it's simple, and you won't have a rash on your back because you leaned up against a questionable tree. Or worse, you leaned up against a questionable tree and there was a super gross, slightly poisonous caterpillar on that tree (don't ask unless you're the billing department for my medical insurance).

Honestly, I also use this for roadtrips. With the Go Girl extension tube, this thing has become a life saver on the road.  We usually drive 4-6 hours for our big hiking trips, and I have tried to "hold it" all the way through "Sketchtown, USA. Population: 1 weirdo and the woman in the trunk of his car" because I value my life more than I value peeing.  I have done the "Trucker Pee" and I actually felt a little bad*ss because of it. I wonder if Go Girl makes a trucker hat?


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