Blue Chalcedony


Along with my Social Media presence being affected by work, it's also eaten into A LOT of my hiking time.  I'm LUCKY if I get a single day during the weekend for a simple day hike.

A recent short trip to Socorro allowed for some brief rockhounding, and it re-invigorated my interest in rock collecting.  Despite only a few small specimens, I was able to gather some decent Chalcedony.  I think I got myself some Blue Chalcedony! Check this out:

Chalcedony (especially Rose and Blue) used to be all the rage a few decades ago.  It makes for some lovely pendants and rings.  Recently, it's made a come-back with younger generations.  Just check places like Etsy and Pinterest....

I'll be adding it to my collection of unique stuff.  Below is a fire agate I was lucky enough to snag on a day hike in "The Dirt" and a broken botryoidal I got from my first camping trip in Socorro. 

I really love rock hounding, and hiking.  I'm lucky that New Mexico has so many places where you can do both...Now if I could just get the chance to do both more often!


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