Ordinary Hiker Update: I co-host a Paranormal Podcast!

ICYMI: I'm the co-host of a paranormal and weird news podcast.

The CreepGeeks Podcast features the latest fortean news from around the world, as well as some very lively off-beat conversation and interaction with friends.

If you want to check us out, go to CreepGeeks.com or find us on iTunes!

We just got done doing a really awesome Halloween special, and you can listen to it here:

One of the cool things about podcasting about weird topics is finding a way to integrate it into something you already like.  For example, I love hiking in the Jemez Mountains, and there's a lot of paranormal and cryptid reports from that region.  So, why not tie in any of my hikes with some brief investigations or exploring known hotspots?

Well, stay tuned, I hope to do just that in the next couple weeks.


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