My "Wild" Neighbors -Enjoying the #NCCritters that stop by my rural homestead

When I moved to Western North Carolina, I was curious by all the unusual sounds and shadows outside my home at night. So I setup a Time Lapse camera to see what happens when I'm asleep or inside doing other things.

Lately, a little Grey Fox has stopped by, ALOT. I'm also excited to see an opposum (they are very beneficial to rural and wilderness areas) drop by on a regular basis.  Foxes are adorable, but their wild animals.  Same with opposum, though I hope the opposum sticks around to eat all the bugs and foster a better environment for the other wildlife in the area.  Please enjoy all the wild birds, small critters, bunnies and other animals that eat my bird seed and berries I set out for them.

All my TimeLapse videos are done with the DJI Osmo Pocket, in rural Western North Carolina. If you'd like to do EASY Time Lapse videos as well, check out the DJI Osmo Pocket here:

OSMO Pocket:


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